Welcome To Harriet House School

A Montessori Nursery School for Boys and Girls aged 1 to 5 years old

Extra activities

JudoSports and Music are part of the school day at Harriet House. The children always play outside and have scheduled PE lessons in the Nursery and Reception Class.


We have weekly music lessons with a variety of instruments and enjoy singing songs and nursery rhymes during the school day. 




You may choose to take part in Judo, Ballet and Rugbytots.






The Reception Class will benefit from swimming lessons in the new pool at St Andrews School from next term.


“What makes the school so special is the atmosphere. The staff have infectious enthusiasm, they take care to support each individual child and they are utterly professional in everything they do. If my daughter loves school now and develops positive associations with education, then she has a much greater chance of flourishing as she gets older.”

Simon Henderson, Headmaster, Bradfield College