Welcome To Harriet House School

A Montessori Nursery School for Boys and Girls aged 1 to 5 years old

The Nursery and Reception Class

As your child grows and develops they will move into the Nursery where they will build upon this foundation of learning. The children have freedom of choice of whatever materials they would like to use within our structured environment and as each activity is introduced the children build up a bank of knowledge across all areas of learning. Through teacher observation and assessment the children are able to learn by exploring their own interests, activities can then be extended to ensure that sensitive periods for learning are fully stimulated.

Our Reception class continues with the Montessori ethos whilst adopting a Project Learning approach. The children are able to reach their full potential through expressing their own interests and planning focussed activities on topics of their own choice. This allows more in-depth study of topics and independent gathering of information through a range of media, including individual iPads and Apple TV. We visit  our own off-site Forest school weekly to learn about our environment and the wider world. 

His curiosity, energy and enthusiasm is stimulated and he feels “heard” and supported each day. In his previous busy day care he was one in a crowd, forced to en-masse activities he didn’t think much of. We have noticed how much happier and how much more interested he is to learn, and that the friendships and interactions between the children are kind, inclusive and respectful. We could not recommend it more highly.

Davis Family